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President's Welcome - Athena Cheung

Hello fellow Toastmasters and future Toastmasters, welcome to the Professional Trainers Toastmasters Club (PTTC)!

The PTTC is comprised of a group of us like-minded Toastmasters from all walks of life while having one thing in common, that all of us believe in attaining and promoting excellence in training.

Everybody has trainer potential. No matter you are already a professional trainer working in your field, or you are an aspiring trainer, or you simply want to unleash your inner potential and train yourself, PTTC is the right place for you.

At PTTC, we aim to create a unified and supportive platform for members to share their expertise and knowledge, and at the same time, give and receive valuable feedback to further hone their skills.

At PTTC, we strive to bring a fulfilling experience to our members with each meeting and special event we conduct. Nothing satisfies us more than members’ smiling faces and their personal growth which is visible to people around them.

At PTTC, we come together and have FUN! We believe in the magical power of creative activities, and we believe that what we learn with pleasure will never be forgotten.

Come and visit our club to know more about what we do, why we do it, and more importantly, to get involved, grow with us, and have fun.

At PTTC, we serve, we excel!

The Professional Trainers Toastmasters Club is made up of a group of enthusiastic Toastmasters who are currently either professional or aspiring trainers.  Being an advanced Toastmasters club, we do things a little differently, but essentially the meetings will include the following:

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Two essential elements in a Toastmasters meeting is the speech and the evaluation. Members deliver speeches from the Toastmasters education program and receive verbal and written evaluations on their performances.

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Table Topics, or impromptu speaking, requires speakers to think on their feet and speak off the cuff.  Speakers will be given topics or questions to talk about in an impromptu manner and they will have 2 minutes to deliver a meaningful speech.

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This is conducted by members on a variety of topics. The topics vary from being Toastmasters-specific to being profession-centric.

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This session will feature our members delivering a talk in a more casual and informal manner, on topics that are more diversed - and fun.

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This session will be conducted after each workshop. The audience ask questions pertaining to the workshop and this allows presenter to reinforce the message.

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Each workshop speaker will receive 2 individual evaluations from specific members, as well as general evaluations from the audience.

The PTTC Club Executive Committee 2022/23
If you are keen to serve club as a member of the Club Executive Committee, please feel free to speak to any of us!

Charmaine Wong

Vice President
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Deepti Tiwari

Vice President

Dr Vincent Leung

Vice President
(Public Relations)
Flora Chan.jpeg

Flora Chan

Vice President


Sergeant at Arms

Karen Cheung

Athena Cheung.jpg

Athena Cheung

2020-07-04 14.40.01.jpg

Catherine Li


Talis Wong

Immediate Past
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