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How your Body speaks and Conflict Resolution

On 19 April, I was excited to witness the fabulous success of Roadshow 2 with over 40 engaging participants! ‘Tell me, I hear! Show me, I understand! Involve me, I learn’. Two seasoned workshop leaders, Mr. Kevin Goh and Ms. Karen Cheung, actively engaged the audience through group exercises and discussions to attain effective learning.

Our very energetic Mr. Kevin Goh, a University Lecturer who specializes in speech communication, vividly demonstrated WHY non-verbal communication (body language) accounts for 55% of effective communication and HOW our body can speak well with tactful use of facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures and body movements.

Ms. Karen Cheung, a dedicated educator and accredited mediator, guided us to understand the causes of conflict and 5 types of conflict resolutions, from competing, avoiding, to collaborating, compromising and accommodating, which varied in a spectrum of assertiveness and cooperativeness. The Finger Pointing exercise was particularly inspirational as participants learnt to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity of making positive changes.

Thanks to our professional evaluation team who gave us feedback from different perspectives on how to conduct workshops with flair.

The Roadshow 2 was well concluded with valuable general evaluation from 2015 District 89 Toastmasters International Speech Contest Champion, Ms. Kitty Wong.

If you want to experience the thrills, meet more professional trainers and know more about us, join our regular meetings on every second and fourth Tuesdays of a month!

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