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How to Attract an Audience and Butterfly Leadership

Imagine if there was a professional learning community where you could find great tools for great teaching and training.

Well, you don't have to imagine it, we've created it, the Professional Trainers Toastmasters Club!

After two roadshows, the club held its first meeting on 10 May 2016. The audience was treated to two very fine workshops. The first included successful ways to attract audiences to teaching or training events. Led by the very capable KC Tang, the workshop revealed sensible steps for preparations and practical considerations for promotions. After the 20-minute workshop, the audience were keen to ask detailed questions about KC’s experiences in holding large-scale events and applying the strategies.

The second treat of the evening was provided by Judy Tam, a well-respected educator and sought-after leader. She led a thought-provoking workshop on Butterfly Effect leadership – how small changes can have great influences. Citing studies from Scandinavia, the audience were challenged in how they viewed their work and work relationships. During the Q&A session, Judy expanded further on different international experiences of applying Butterfly Leadership and its feasibility in Hong Kong.

The workshops were then evaluated by club members, who provided feedback to the workshop speakers on content and manner of presentation – a critical aspect in the club's efforts to excel.

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