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Captivating the Audience / Achieving Life Balance

Perhaps a secret fear of teachers and trainers is that they might not be genuinely captivating enough for their audiences.

But the first workshop from Alex Mok threw many of us a lifeline through simple practical solutions for capturing an audience. This included opening with an Obama-like presidential solution – silence. Then there was the statistically proven solution - the fact that we can use numbers in our speech titles to boost interest and attention. Easy ideas to use for work and life.

The second workshop from KF Tam provided a tool to measure the state of how we live our lives. Then, through his unique wit, charm and illustrations, KF demonstrated how to apply the “Wheel of Action”. The wheel covered essential areas in life like health, growth and romance!

The workshops generated a great deal of interest during the Q&A session. The Q&A gave the audience a chance to delve deeper into different points and also gave the workshop speakers opportunities to clarify their ideas.

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