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Panacea for the Sports Addict / I am Going to Succeed

This evening was a special condensed meeting to include the Inauguration Dinner. The members delivered another superb evening.

Vincent Leung impressed with a strong Ice Breaking speech: Is there any panacea for sport addictive? Vincent revealed many secrets about himself and also his personal triumphs in sports. We found that Vincent has an expensive hobby – triathlons (where does he find the time?). His secrets were eating, training and sleeping. Naturally – all obvious ingredients for his success in overcoming the physical limits of a human body and extreme endurance.

Malcolm Brocklebank also impressed us with his eloquence and inspiration to be successful. Starting with a simple dream, ordinary people can gain real traction to grow as a person and reach for their goals in life. It is indeed time to take more responsibility for ourselves and rekindle our latent spirits. Through practising and perfecting ourselves we will create new and exciting opportunities.

The meeting ended on an inspiring note – looking forward excitedly to the next meeting!

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