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Meeting of Creations: Creating a Memorable Event / Creating Winning Habits

Frank Liu delivered hid prepared speech with humour. He told us the tale of the Long Man of Wilmington - a small village in England. This is where Frank grew up before he moved to Hong Kong. The tale told us of the friendship and battle between two giants and which ended in sadness when one of them was killed. Frank’s speech was captivating. Everyone was holding their breath because the ending was so dramatic.

Judy Tam, who is very much a celebrity in many Toastmaster clubs, delivered the first workshop of the evening "Creating a memorable event". The memorable event in this case was just like an Academy Awards night and it was clear that Judy and her team had devoted a great deal of effort to organize the Division Symposium and Appreciation Dinner at Zetland Hall. We learnt a great deal from Judy’s experience and tips for promoting an event.

The second workshop was a practical workshop on "creating winning habits" delivered by Pan Tsang. Pan engaged all the audience by adopting an interactive style. He then guided us through the 4S framework for creating winning habits and getting rid of bad habits.

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