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Craft Your Personal Branding

How do you want people to remember you?

Personal image is important to our work and personal lives in this social media era as anything we do now may be filmed and broadcasted. In this meeting, Talis Wong, DTM, taught us how to craft our personal image so that we can be more successful.

Talis delivered his workshop with humour and finesse. He explained clearly what branding is and how to leave an impression with lots of examples. Then he asked us to pair up and find out what impression we made on the other person. This workshop exercise taught us that sometimes there is a gap between the image we have of ourselves and the impression we leave on others.

Further and very importantly, we also learned how to leave a good impression through the power of storytelling. We had an opportunity to do an exercise in which we each came up with a story to demonstrate the quality we wished to convey. It was incredibly helpful.

Apart from the extended workshop, the meeting featured an innovative table topic session led by Samuel Poon – table topics without “topics”. In this session, each speaker was given no topic. Instead, each speaker was shown an image thoughtfully prepared by Samuel, echoing the theme of the meeting “Image”. These included images of an inverted iceberg, abstract pictures and even a Pokémon figure.

It was enjoyable and entertaining and we left the meeting with new insights and high spirits.

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