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Radiant Skin - No Longer a Dream!

Agnes demonstrated the 3 Keys for Radiant skin and many practical tips on the importance of keeping our skin fresh. In fact, there was something for everyone to learn. And the advice was not limited to ladies, but for men too! After all, a pleasing appearance and great skin shows that we live a healthy lifestyle.

Unexpectedly, Susanna's "The British Prince" referred to our diligent VPE - Mr. Frank Liu. A real banana and forever young in appearance. Susanna’s speech included lots of humorous descriptions and created a delightful atmosphere among guests and members. The very appropriate and creative metaphors won the hearts of the audience.

Besides this, Kevin Goh explained how to make a real indie film. Using a simple and effective work flow, he demonstrated his heartfelt production, which is highly connected with toastmasters. We all salute his dedication to his work.

All in all, that was another enjoyable meeting with funny insights.

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