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The Floor is Yours

Talis Wong: Our worship of red lipstick

Talis illustrated his speech by showing us many slides of famous female movie stars and singers wearing hot red lipstick and getting a powerful attractive effect. Even a male singer, Boy George, wore red lipstick with strong impact and leading him to become more outstandingly famous.

Karen Cheung evaluated this speech by presenting us with real hot red lipstick - she specially prepared it for the meeting. This gave us a true feeling of how red lipstick has the power of making everyone more attractive.

Alice Tse: A gift from my subconscious

When Alice talked about a creative story about our subconscious, she mentioned “out secret garden”, by presenting us beautiful fresh roses and arranged by herself. That caused all the audiences to respond with a surprise “Wow” and creatively raised our subconscious emotions to a visual level.

Agnes Lo: My unexpected experience

Agnes shared her personal experience about her Toastmasters journey. She explained how the Toastmasters training transformed her from a shy and quiet girl to the elegant and bright lady that she is now.

Susanna Wong: The floor is yours: Face the fear

If we need to speak on a stage, fear actually comes from inside of us and differs from person to person. By acting how people commonly behave, she demonstrated the different emotions people can show. She concluded with practical tips on how to face the fear.

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