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Relax and Revitalise Spa Retreat – Mindfulness and Aromatherapy

What a mindful, fragrant and thoughtful evening we had lined up for you all!!

As the Xmas holidays drew nearer, PTTM brought you their very own SPA RETREAT to help you unwind and prepare for the days of colourful celebrations and happy family gatherings.

As members entered the spa retreat (just imagine it wasn’t the bland HKU room we normally see), we were finally able to kick off our tired shoes (after a hard day’s work), sip warm peppermint tea and smell the pure essential lemon oil diffusing into the air to relax and focus on the meeting.

Agnes Lo, the Toastmaster of the Evening, dressed appropriately for the part in her towelling robe. She welcomed all to the PTTM Spa Retreat just like a serene Spa Manager!

Karen Cheung, the Table Topics Master, calm and inviting, displayed some beautiful tea boxes and postcards for the table topics, and lovely prizes were also given out.

Our evening kicked off with Manson Chow giving his humorous and daring Make Them Laugh speech about toilets. Somehow toilets are always something we find funny and I have no idea why.... but it does. One can only imagine what we were thinking when Manson decided to show us what happens when he goes to the toilet. In fact, we did not have to imagine as he gave all his toilet positioning secrets away without a single giggle.

After the ’toilet’ break, we moved on to a cleaner and more revitalising topic. Elena Foucher (Mindfulness Trainer) and Irene Li (Aromatherapist), gave a mindfulness session using various therapeutic grade essential oils. Irene shared how to choose and use oils like lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint, thieves and lemon essential oils. As everyone inhaled the different oils, Elena gave a mindfulness talk where the whole room fell silent, everyone was breatheing silently, you could even hear a pin drop!

As well as inhaling the oils, there was the added and possibly unusual opportunity for some‚ to rub thieves oil under their foot. Strange, but it works wonders.

Do you want more Clarity‚ Abundance or Joy in your life? Yep, we blended oils in those names, some with over 10 different oils in one magical bottle. This made it more synergistic and more powerful than using one essential oil.

Once everyone moved into their chosen group – Clarity, Abundance or Joy, they were given a drop of the chosen oil in their hands to inhale. Elena then gave a powerful mindfulness talk which touched their sense of smell, touch, hearing and sight. All were silent again as they closed their eyes, cleared their mind and focused.

Once it was all over, we were surprised by the amazing feedback in what may be the

first and only workshop in Hong Kong on Mindfulness using Essential oils. Considering Elena and I have never worked together before, it was certainly a surprise and a delight to hear such positive feedback. This is why PTTM is a great group to belong to! As trainers, we constantly receive feedback, but not as much constructive positive feedback as you get from PTTM!

As always, we had a good number of guests who found the PTTM surprisingly different from other toastmasters’ groups. They liked the interesting and diverse workshops that we give, especially when you can relax in them too. Who doesn’t want to relax?

Susanna Wong, Club President, expressed her excitement that PTTM continues into the future with exciting workshops!

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