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A Brand New Year, A Brand New Start for PTTM

We had our first meeting on January 10, 2017, and Helen Pang, our Acting Club President, started the meeting off with a BANG!

After Helen’s opening remarks, Irene Li, our Toastmaster of the evening, continued the momentum by warmly greeting the audience. This was followed by a very entertaining session hosted by Alice “The WonderLand” Tse. The questions revolved around the theme of “Put your Plans into…” (related to New Year’s resolutions) and all impromptu speakers had both a challenging and fun time.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest Organic Egg Seller of them All?” The award definitely goes to Judy Tam. In her speech titled “Go Organic” (“Persuasive Speaking” Advanced Communication manual Project 1 - Effective Salesperson), Judy role-played a saleslady promoting the healthy benefits of organic eggs. Although she was challenged by difficult customers regarding the expensive price as compared to regular eggs, she handled the objections with grace, and eventually sealed the deal. Perhaps she could consider this as a side-career besides her current full-time job.

After Judy’s speech, Manson Chow conducted a workshop explaining 4 powerful steps to learn anything faster. These steps could be used by anyone right away, but the most important thing is you still need to have the discipline to consistently practice these steps every day in order for this to work.

Following the super fun “Spelling Bee” game back in October 2016, Samuel Poon conducted Part II of the workshop on “Building a Great Team” in this meeting. Samuel used an innovative approach of embedding 7 steps to organising a great team and 3 elements to maintain the team all in his personal story about his joint venture experience with his friends on hosting a real estate course. The evaluators stated that simply listing the 7 steps and 3 elements would easily make people lose track, but by embedding these into story, it keeps the audience engaged.

As usual, in PTTM fashion, the meeting ended with a great big group photo with beaming smiles.

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