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International Speech and Table Topics Contests

Many of the club’s best speakers were on show – all contesting for the honour of representing the club at the Area level competition. With seven contestants, we were right to expect a great contest and our members truly delivered. The speeches were:

Agnes Lo - Tune in to a right channel

John Ng - FEAR

Judy Tam - Think it Through

Karen Cheung - What to give?

Malcolm Brocklebank - Third finger left hand

Talis Wong - Gift of Forgiving

Tianyin Liu - Love and Memory

The audience were moved through a range of feelings from fear, fright, forgiveness, uncertainty, love and loss – a full range of emotions! Well done to the contestants for putting on such a fine performance!

A few of the highlights were John explaining the meaning of real FEAR, which was having your name called as the next contestant in a Speech Contest! Not to be outdone, Malcolm caused a dreadful fright with his haunting tale of the Third Finger Left Hand.

Judy explored her past feelings of love and how to handle encounters with old flames. Talis (Mr Wrong) sang with heart and retold his adventures in love and his fascination with the ladies washroom …

Special thanks go to the MC (Pan Tsang), all the members helping as Facilitators, the Contest Chairs (Alice Tse and Frank Liu), all the Judges and the Chief Judge (Kiki Chow).

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