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Mindfulness in Daily Lives

Becoming a great Toastmaster requires a myriad of qualities. Perhaps one key skill is the art of theft!

Bob Kienzle stole the evening as a very competent and masterful Master of Ceremonies – his first role for the PTTM club. However, Karen Cheung stole our hearts and adoration through her performance as the Table Topics Master – surely the most attention-grabbing source of attention that night!

Manson Chow relived his humorous near-death marathon experience through sharing his lessons in weight loss and steely determination to succeed.

The evening was rather different from our regular meetings, as we were trying out a new venue in Wan Chai. How fittingly appropriate for the scene stealing workshop of the evening in the form of Elena Foucher and on the topic of Mindfulness. Who would have imagined that 60% of the population in HK feel highly stressed at work? Indeed, we felt the stress melt away through Elena’s simple breathing tips and feeling so much more relaxed afterwards!

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