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Healthy Living

Another PTTM meeting and this time we were focusing about our daily lives!

Frank Liu - Some products speak for themselves

No matter how expensive a product is in Hermes, Frank Liu can still sell it, using his persuasive skills on his somewhat stubborn, thrifty buyer - Irene Li. Buying the cheapest item in the store was the solution.

Tianyin Liu - Don’t multi task

Really? Why not? Isn’t that how we get tasks done?

Compelling science research from Tianyin dispelled what we always thought was a great way to complete tasks. Her ball and gorilla exercise showed that we could be missing out on certain things when we multi task as the brain cannot take in all the information.

Irene Li - How to be Happy and Super Healthy

From how to make a quick smoothie ( just chuck everything into blender and add water ) to checking the awful HK pollution level ( ) to choosing which healthy eggs to eat for breakfast - ( go organic or farm pastured ) to reducing plastic use ( carry own bottle ) and use the Water for free app ( to access free water in HK ) - Irene took us through her daily life and how she uses various apps and websites to be informed so we can make the right happy and SUPER healthy choices in life.

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