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Is Your Breakfast Healthy?

The meeting celebrated 3 of our very professional speakers. Ms. Helen Pang presented her 20-minute workshop entitled “Is your breakfast healthy?” The title gave away the content of her workshop on how to have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast comes from break and fast. After a long night resting, breakfast is the first intake of food and re-charge for our body with protein and vitamins. Helen started off by showing us how damaging it would be if we, as some believe it is one way to go on a diet, don’t have any breakfast. Then she gave a list of healthy menus and how we should have a proper breakfast.

The second workshop was presented by Tianyin Liu who showed us how to manage our daily routine. Apparently continuously working for over 45 minutes is not effective. The most effective way is to focus on one task and only that task for intervals of 30 minutes each session, take a short break of 5 minutes in between and return to that task until completion.

Both workshops were practical and suitable for busy Hong Kong working people.

The last part was Bob Kienzle’s prepared speech from the Advance Manual: The Entertaining Speaker. He presented his motorcycling trip in Chiang Rai, Thailand in “Pecha Kucha” (In Japanese means …… (I let you look it up yourself).

All in all, a very informative and entertaining evening in a light and educated setting.

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