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How to Run Interactive Workshop & Presentation

There is too much one way communication in lectures, workshops, and regular business meetings, so what can we do?

Professional Trainers Toastmasters are no strangers to the tools and techniques to keep your audience engaged, and on September 26th, we presented a team workshop on how to run interactive workshop and presentation.

Tianyin Liu introduced simple survey tools, especially real-time survey tool such as MentiMeter to keep the audience engaged, while getting the information you need.

Susanna Wong demonstrated the power of discussion by real time discussion with the audience.

Robert Kienzle amazed the audience by utilizing the newest tech tools for group activity.

And Talis Wong wrapped up the workshop with a simple activity that can align with a speaker's personal branding.

All four elements boil down to one thing: Everyone wants to be heard.

So, give the audience the chance to speak.

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